Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Since the beginning of human reasons, we have yearned for life free from suffering. Started with hunger, then shelter, clothes, dreams and finally desires. And all this time we have only ignored to the fact that we are just a life form who pertains to live, reproduce and multiply. Over time we learned to love, hate and kill whether selfish or selfless. So, what is the real purpose of our life - so called human. Prophets, philosophers, buddhas and gurus have over time explained many times in their own ways but only us not accepting one for another. What is life? Who are we? Who is we? What is creation? These are all distant answers that we cannot answer. We even don't know when and how we started to farm, neither we know if we were created or we created. There is no definitive answers to pluralists who think either-or and neiter-nor. Human, who have the most complex microscopic structure communicate with each other that no other known life form can. Then why such delimna? It is only because of what our five senses tells us. We only know what comes into us through known senses. We only believe what we hear, see, smell, taste and touch, because these are the only medium of input. Feeling, thinking, judging and making decision are just mere processes between the inputs and the outputs which comes in the form of gestures, speech, eye movement and avoids etc. So, what is the real purpose?

The complex chemistry at its minutest form, human body is no different than any other life form. Made of amino acids primarily composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. However we are different because we are the most intelligent form. We walk upright, use tools and socially live to suffice all our survival needs. So, we do need to know what is the purpose? If i say the purpose of a cattle is to become food, then you might ask what is the purpose of lions and tigers at the top of the food chain? It cannot however be similar to ours. They have a wild dwelling for they don't walk upright nor they use tools. So, for animals that cannot reason, the purpose is solely survivorship to live and be fruitful. That leaves us who can reason, who knows their surrounding and thinks what needs to be done.

Animals and plants don't suffer. It is just a natural law for a deer to feed on plants and tigers feed on deer. I do not mean to harm our status in the food chain, claiming that carnivores can feed upon us or we feed on them. Just like any animals we feed to survive, but we suffer. We suffer from all kinds of sadness and agony. That is the purpose of our life - Life free from suffering. How can i become happy all the time, without harming anyone? Because harming another is harming the sole spirit of social structure of our species, that has given us dreams and easeness to live. So, if that is the purpose then how can i live a life free from suffering.

We need to first understand that our life has time. It will continue only until the body stays. All the feelings of pain, happiness and sorrows diminishes with our death. We need to completely embrace the fact that we are all mortals. The only thing is during the time of our departure, we need to be happy and release all fears of death and after life. There are four ways to acomplish it - By Faith, Knowledge, Action and Divinity.


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